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Sky-Bolt articles are arranged by category: (1) websites and web marketing, (2) training and presentations, and (3) gardening.

(1) Websites and web marketing (While much has changed in the world of Internet communications and blogging and tweeting have become mainstays of this new world, the principles and the reasons for online communication remain the same. I have updated these articles to a certain extent to fix broken links and provide some new data, but mostly they should be used as a starting points for discussion. G.S. 2014)

(2) Training and Presentations


(3) Gardening and garden writing are now Ginny's primary occupation.

When Ginny and her husband moved to northeastern Florida in 2004, gardening was different and all her experience and education didn't help one bit! So she started her own education process and began writing The Adventures of the Transplanted Gardener, but after 8 years and writing 2 Florida gardening books, it was time to move on.  Read about Ginny's latest gardening adventures on Green Gardening

Along the way she wrote 3 Florida gardening books and more than 200 articles for both print and online media. She has also spoken to many groups about Florida gardening all over the state. She manages a Sustainable Gardening for Florida page on Facebook. Life is good! 

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Where great ideas come out of the blue.

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