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Ginny StiboltGinny Stibolt taught technical writing at a community college in Maryland before she opened a computer retail store in 1981.  She and her staff sold computers with 16K (!) of memory and taught beginning to advanced computing courses.  In those days, the general population had no idea of what to do with computers.  She's been working with computers professionally in one way or another since then.

In 1994 Ginny developed and maintained the website for her software company until she sold it in 2000.  She then worked for the Business and Computer Division at another Maryland community college where she developed the division's web pages and taught business and computer courses.  Always the entrepreneur, she started Sky-Bolt Enterprises in 2001, while still working at the college.  She's gathered a small and talented group of editors and consultants who make up the Sky-Bolt team.  Now she lives in northern Florida and spends much of her time in her gardens and writing about them. Designing websites is no longer part of her business model.

Ginny has written articles on a) designing & marketing websites, b) technology & training, and c) gardening & environmental issues. View the non-gardening articles.  

Now Ginny has written more than 200 articles and 3 books for University Press of Florida: "Sustainable Gardening for Florida", "Organic Methods for Vegetable Gardening in Florida" with Melissa Contreras and "The Art of Maintaining a Florida Native Landscape."  posts in her blog,

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